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elevation for proposed exhibit for levi strauss & co. museum
elevation for proposed exhibit for levi strauss & co. museum

One of Levi Strauss & Co.’s (LS&Co.) greatest resource for
inspiration is its own corporate archives. For my graduate
internship and capstone, I proposed a temporary rotating exhibit program for the Levi Strauss & Co. Corporate Headquarters
museum, known as The Vault, in San Francisco, California. The
proposed exhibit program was to last 12 months and consist of four different themed exhibits including the history of Levi Strauss, the techniques used by LS&Co. to manufacture blue jeans throughout history, LS&Co.’s commitment to sustainability in the fashion industry and LS&Co.’s development of the Worker Well-being Initiative. The exhibits were intended to be educational, multi-sensory and thought provoking in order to address some of the criticisms and challenges that museum fashion exhibitions often face.

For presentation purposes, I designed and developed content for three panels each from a different one of the four themes mentioned above. The panels were designed using the LS&Co. brand style guide and I studied the exhibits currently on view in The Vault so as to maintain the brand’s aesthetic. I also visited other fashion museum exhibitions to use as benchmarks and inspiration. The imagery and content for the text primarily came from the LS&Co. Archive and Unzipped Blog, and were supplemented with additional research and original photographs and illustrations.