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From 2018 - 2022 I established and led Google's Material Library, an interactive design resource, for Google’s Industrial Design Studio. For four years, teams throughout Alphabet utilized the collection for inspiration, education and reflection; it housed samples of both past material explorations and the latest in material innovation. The Material Library was featured in multiple design publications including Fast Company, Domino, and Surface Magazine.

The collection contained over 10,000 material samples; 400 of which I photographed and cataloged for the internal online database. In order to ensure samples were accessible to all, I designed signage and way-finding graphics that aligned with the Google brand identity and maintained the Google Design Studio's aesthetic. I designed a layout that allowed the Material Library to function as a work space, where we held design sprints and material open houses. I designed, generated content and distributed a monthly internal newsletter that communicated new additions to the collection, the latest in material news and trends, as well as internal and external design events.